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If anyone wants to see more of my work please add me as a friend on facebook :)…

check it out :)
Artists of all persuasions are invited to submit works that showcase non-human animal perception, feeling and individuality to be included in ARA's inaugural art exhibition:

Sentience: an exhibition of life

Artwork will be displayed at the Kurb Gallery

310 William Street in Perth

from 15-21 January 2011

(if you're in Perth come check this out, some of my work will be in it :) )

Sept 25, @ X-Wray Cafe (Fremantle)

Lottie Moore | Photo
Emma Hicken | Fashion
Klare Buckingham | Stencil

The Witness
The Atlas Mountains
Laced Affair
Sean Thomas
Eva McGowan
DJ Jessica Carlucci
DJ Douche Unit
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Whoever tried hacking into my deviantart today TWICE, fuck off!
Sorry I have been neglecting good old deviantart, more work will come!
I start TAFE tomorrow! I'm studying photography so it should be a great deal sweeter than school but I won't know anyone. I'm hoping there's a decent group of people in my class...but who knows. So there's the end of my holidays but at least I'll only be there a few days a week. Big Day Out was excellent yesterday, I waited 3 hours to see Bjork, saving my special spot at the front left of the stage and it was so worth it. I think I'm in love! She's the loveliest thing I've ever seen and the stage show was amazing and I was blown away the whole time, man has she got some killer pipes!
I'm pretty tired and lazy right now so I'm going to head off and get an early night. I hope everyone is swell!
I'm so desperate to take photos tonight but I can't think of anything interesting to set up yet. Holidays have been decent...I still don't know exactly what I'm doing this year but hopefully I'll get my act together. I'm still so relieved that school is finished, I don't miss it a bit.
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I'm so close to finishing my TEE exams! I only have 2 more to go and I'll be finished by this Friday 12:30! ahhh man the week is dragging on and I'm still impatient though.

OH SO CLOSE. I can't wait to take photos and not feel guilty because I should be studying.
Today I got a Nikon D40x and it is freaking sweeeeeeeeeet!

I am so frustrated and stresseddd
I've been studying for my history exam all day and whenever I get into it...I realise how I've barely gotten through half of Australia let alone started the Cold War.
NONE OF THIS EVEN MATTERS. The exam isn't even worth that much and it all feels so irrelevant right now. There's so much to know that I can't help getting flustered about it all.

I'm so envious of my little brother right now, he gets to play video gaaaames without a care in the world.

I just want to take photos! I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not, but my mum said I might be able to spend the money I inherited on a new camera (I'm not meant to get that money until I'm 18) because she thinks it would be worth me having it earlier, but then again she was a bit drunk so she was probably making stuff up.

I miss people :(
Thank you :iconredscrewdriver: for the subscription! :heart:

I don't want to talk about I'll just show snapshots from the past few months.

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description

Image Description
So I've finally attempted to actually use my print account, I still have to get a few accepted by deviantart but the first one worked so I'm hoping they're all good. If there's any photos anyone would like available as a print just let me know and I will do some sorting outsss. Ah I'm grumpy, bored and tired - I should be enjoying my free time. Sometimes not even the internet can amuse me, I've gotta find awesome shiz on youtube, seeya.
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Let's get Lottie some new pyjama paaaaaaaaants!
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Man another jerkface has stolen my photo 'Fish Clove' as well as clearly suggesting the photo is of them.


it annoys me more every time this kind of thing happens, I just don't know what to do anymore because there's obviously a copy of the photo without a watermark (I added that after this happened once or twice) so I can't prevent it from happening again. Any suggestions?
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Feeling super!
Lots of homework but only about a week of school left until the holidays, and we end with our year 12 ball.
Hopefully writing two essays tonight won't bring my mood down, but finishing them will be even moooore super!
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all I want to do is art

not all of these other pointless subjects, I just want ART ART ART.

god damn I'm stressed and it feels like 40 degrees in this room which is making me stupidly angry. RIDICULOUSLY angry.
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hey...hey check out my emoticon

So I've started abusing this girl and notified everyone on myspace who commented on the image she stole from me. I sent one to her friend and this is what I recieved:

"First of all, Jessica is my fiance. Secondly i believe that is her picture, i believe her because you don't look like the person in that picture. Nothing about you matches, the ear rings for example, they are the same as the ones jessica wears all the time. That is her picture, she has had it forever. Long before you posted it up on that stupid site. I stand by my fiance, thank you. so quit trash talking her, and quit stealing her work.

Have a good day


My head is beginning to explode and this guy needs some serious slapping about. These people make me sick. Hasn't it occurred to this guy that she took the image because we had similarities? god damn it, this is probably a waste of time.

By the way thanks so much to everyone that reported her/supported me with the issue, I really appreciate it. I'm about ready to whack giant watermarks over every photograph of mine.
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does anybody wish to do the honours?
I can't believe they actually made no effort to edit it either.